The DICKS playing their last S.F. show at the FARM.

Two awesome punk women! Honey Owens and Heather Hahn! Honey was an MRR shitworker and was part of the crew that keep Gilman St going after MRR left. Heather (sister of Lance Hahn) had a cool label, Piggly Wiggly Records.

The Fuck Ups playing at the Mab. What's going on with all those shoes?

The first "real" CRIMPSHRINE show at New Method in Emeryville! According to Aaron Cometbus, they used Canadian band's, The Asexuals gear and jumped up and played a few songs before the Asexuals. Also of note: on bass is Dave Ed of Neurosis!

OUCH!!!!! Crowd at a CH3 show, On Broadway, S.F., 1983.

L.A.'s Vandals at the Mabuhay! "Skinheads not allowed...in mohawk town..."

Boston Straight Edge comes to SF! SSD opening for GBH at the On Broadway in S.F.

When the FEEDERZ played Gilman for the 2nd or 3rd time, they brought a dead dog on stage which was subsequently brought into the crowd and into the pit!

MDC playing a free show at the VATS!

OPERATION IVY performing at the Women's Building in the Mission. They opened up for FUGAZI and MDC!

Sammytown from Fang holding up a sign for Scam fanzine (a S.F. fanzine that came out of the Vats). It's also "autographed" by the S.F. and Berkeley skinheads.