MINOR THREAT playing a underground show (literally) at Valencia Tool & Die, San Francisco.

The BIG BOYS playing a Thrasher Magazine show at the On Broadway. The other bands on ths show were Personality Crisis, JFA, Aggression and Don't Know.

A unused alternate shot from the funny MRR photo feature "How To Get Into MRR," which featured Grant from Husker Du and Tim Yohannan. This photo has Bob Mould in the background!

East Coast vs East Bay! Boston's hockey stick carrying Straight Edge vs. garbage throwing East Bay Punk! Slapshot playing Gilman with Isocracy and Stikky opening! On the right we have Chris from Stikky and Friend hanging up a sign welcoming Boston's Slapshot to Gilman St. The photo on the left is Slapshot getting ready to play after Isocracy's typically chaotic set!

BIG BLACK @ The I-Beam on Haight St.

James "Brainstew" Washburn and friends hanging out by the hot tub in Eggplant's backyard during a birthday show in which Green Day and Blatz played! The show took place inside this tiny shed with a hot tub! The water on the floor caused the mics to shock the performers!

Boulder CO's ANTI-SCRUNTI FACTION playing at Club Foot. ASF featured a young Leslie Mah who went on to later form Tribe 8.

Berkeley's Violent Coercion playing Emeryville's squat/punk venue New Method (sometimes refered to as the "spa factory"). Violent Coercion contained future members of Neurosis, Sleep, and Kicker!

BLATZ playing at U-Gene's in So. Cal. One of the few roadtrips that Blatz went on.

Ohio's NECROS playing a backyard party in San Jose with a very young Lars Frederiksen of Rancid keeping the bass drum from moving!

G.L.O.S.S playing a warehouse in San Jose. This photo (unlike the previous ones) is from a digital camera.