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From 1979 into ‘83, the Indianapolis based ZBs were the finest hardcore blitz in the Midwest if not all the lower 48 states. Proof is 'Vicious Circle' and the two decades since of copyists, bootleggers, practitioners and reunion concert pogoers.

Though before and after that LP’s 1982 release they recorded the Livin’ in the 80’s 7”, songs for three comps and released the post-mortem 'History Of...' cassette revealing their transformation into a toured band warming to the metaphysical and their demise while still waving torches of rock ‘n’ roll panache.

When the Ramones lost it, the Zero Boys found it; Adding a slam brigade fist to the Blitzkrieg Beat. The Zero Boys managed to come with one of the best early 80's punk records, or one of the best records ever, period.

Drive In
Black Network News
Splish Splash
I Need Inergy
Johnny Better Get
Dingy Bars Suck
Seen That Movie Before
High Places
Blood's Good
Human Body
Moms' Wallet
Down The Drain
Outta Style
You Can Touch Me
Trying Harder
I'm Bored