YOUNGER LOVERS - San Pedro Sessions 7"

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Brontez Purnell is an award-winning writer, choreographer, filmmaker and musician. His long-running punk band, THE YOUNGER LOVERS, have released four LPs since 2009. Brontez has described The Younger Lovers as “fucking Motown but on my terms” which speaks to the longing, breathlessness, and catchiness of his songs. In 2006, after an evening of reckless acrobatics with his previous band, GRAVY TRAIN!, Brontez met up with friends in San Pedro to record a few of his heartache tracks. He stayed up all night teaching the songs to KID KEVIN (of FOUR LETTER WORDS, LIPSTICK PICKUPS) and as the sun rose they cut these four frantic tracks. Easily the rawest, most brash, most unstoppable racket that The Younger Lovers ever created. “The San Pedro Sessions” is pressed in an edition of 300 copies, with a five-color silkscreened cover.