YOUNG, NEIL – Neil Young

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Released in early 1969, Neil Young's first solo album is essentially an extension of "Broken Arrow" and "Expecting to Fly," his two most inventive contributions to Buffalo Springfield. Jack Nitzsche arranged and produced several of the tracks, fusing haunting strings and even funky female backing vocals to acoustic-oriented songs like "Here We Are in the Years" and "The Old Laughing Lady." "The Loner" is the one song from Neil Young to achieve classic-rock immortality, but "I've Been Waiting for You" is almost as good, and the rambling "Last Trip to Tulsa" presages the dark acoustic epics of On the Beach. Though it's not an essential album, Neil Young-like the man himself-is rarely less than interesting. --Dan Epstein

The Emperor Of Wyoming 2:14
The Loner 3:55
If I Could Have Her Tonight 2:15
I've Been Waiting For You 2:30
The Old Laughing Lady 5:05
String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill 1:04
Here We Are In The Years 3:27
What Did You Do To My Life? 2:00
I've Loved Her So Long 2:40
The Last Trip To Tulsa 9:25