YO LA TENGO – Electr-O-Pura

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On their seventh studio album, Yo La Tengo would further expand on the venturous songwriting established on their previous album Painful with stunning craft and a deepened exploration of contrasting textures, moods and atmospherics. Chock full with moments of pop gold like “Tom Courtenay,” melancholic ballads such as the heartbreaking “Pablo And Andrea,” and sweeping, feedback-laden jams like the show-stopping “Blue Line Swinger”, Electr-o-pura is a thrilling document of one of America’s most beloved bands hitting their creative stride and remains one of the most sublime records the band has released in their uninterrupted 36-year career.

Decora 3:27
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1) 6:42
The Hour Grows Late 3:06
Tom Courtenay 3:30
False Ending 0:56
Pablo And Andrea 4:16
Paul Is Dead 2:26
False Alarm 5:28
The Ballad Of Red Buckets 4:00
Don't Say A Word (Hot Chicken #2) 3:28
(Straight Down To The) Bitter End 3:59
My Heart's Reflection 6:02
Attack On Love 1:52
Blue Line Swinger 9:19