WORLD PEACE – It Is Written

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"Coming out of the Bay Area, World Peace have become the grisliest and best band in powerviolence in recent years, especially with the addition of Spy frontman Peter Pawlak as their second bassist/vocalist in 2019. 2023 sees the release of their second LP (if we can describe anything lasting 10 minutes as ‘long’). It Is Written is another rampaging 20 song offering that is over in a whirlwind but leaves you feeling like Wile E Coyote on the end of one of his mislaid traps to catch Roadrunner. It’s a controlled explosion of an album, as pure an expression as you can get with no frills to make it progressive or nice. It just rips."


It Is Written 1:07
Penance Unending 0:19
Heiromonk 0:23
With Arms Outstretched 0:29
Vows On The Grand Schema 0:22
Katharsis 0:26
Dawn At Mount Athos 0:31
Vulgar Genuflection 0:28
Icon Corner 0:21
Alms And The Fabled Scarcity 0:18
Extracanonical 0:37
Hope Crusade 0:26
Upon Her Head (A Crown Of Twelve Stars) 0:26
Gnostic Reform 0:45
Veneration Of 0:30
All Encompassing Principle 0:29
Gnashing Of Teeth, Hissing Of Tongues 0:21
In Delirious Communion... 0:23
...Shall Thee Many Be Mad Righteous 0:33
Faight Alone 1:13