WARP - Traffic Control

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"Real punk from America's cruelest town.Hatched in 2017 via an assemblage of FLESH WORLD, MALLARD and BLANK SQUARE personnel, WARP’s from-the-hip attack immediately streamlined The Bay’s skulls, prompting sudsy devotion across spiked and freaked schools alike, a vibrant punk band operating amidst all the scooter-share inhumanity. The damage spills from the central screaming dual-guitar tangle, a riff tract neighboring the elegantly bruised and dynamic Agnew / Baiza axis, exerting too much power for the troposphere. Rhythms twist and barrel depending on need, always leaping forward, propelling each taut composition into realms unthinkable from count-off. TIKA’s smarm-centric vocal steering—wonderfully absurdist and unreservedly pissed—offers exactly the sort of punky exfoliation so very needed in these days of constant cringe."—Mitch Cardwell. Thrilling Living quite gleefully presents Traffic Control to an ill-prepared populace. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl, housed in full-color sleeves with a double-sided Risographed insert.