VEKTOR – Black Future

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With the new wave of thrash now well into its middle age, an attitude of complacency has become common place amongst once vibrant and pioneering bands, so it is with much pride that we are able to offer 'Black Future', the scene-setting debut album from Vektor.

Fast becoming one of the underground’s hottest names to drop, Vektor have emerged as one of the few genuinely innovative young thrash bands around, marrying a conceptual take on a bleak, alien future world with an aggressive, yet some how thought-provoking, full-frontal thrash assault!

Black Future 5:03
Oblivion 4:54
Destroying The Cosmos 6:47
Forests Of Legend 10:16
Hunger For Violence 5:30
Deoxyribonucleic Acid 4:45
Asteroid 6:49
Dark Nebula 10:28
Accelerating Universe 13:31