Various ‎– Far East Gate In Inferno

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A1 Worm  Atrocious Punishment (Remix Version)
A2 Worm  Alas For You, Under The Cross (Remix Version)
A3 Abyss  Scandalling
Abyss  Legion Of Honour
I) Wartime
II) In The World Of Abyss
B1 Sigh  The Zombie Terror
B2 Monarchie Infernale Destroyed Mind
B3 Monarchie Infernale Revitalize
C1 Terror Squad  Wall (Burrrrrrrrrrrrroghhhhhhhhhrrsting Version)
C2a Dark Ritual Initiation Of Sabbat (Intro)
C2b Dark Ritual Sacrifice Your Life For...
C3 Dark Ritual Gate To Hades
D1 Voidd  Hellbound
D2 Voidd  Human Atrophy
D3 Sabbat Black Fire (Bilingual Version)
D4a Sabbat Satanic Rites ('94 Mix Version)
D4b Sabbat In Satan We Trust (Short Version)