VARIOUS – City Rockers

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"A four-band effort from Japan hitting on a wide scope of tunes with the maniac punk from GAUZE, PiL-type goodies from ISOLATION and RADICAL, and dreamy stuff from NURSERY RHYME. Great collection to sit back and enjoy when the speed zoomfest is dry. Each band works at their best." - Pushead, MRR

Gauze -ドラッグアディクト 
Gauze - Oi 
Gauze -うさぎ 
Gauze - 戦場 
Gauze - 消毒液
Gauze - インポテンツ・キッズ 
Gauze - 笑え 
Gauze - アンチ・マシーン 
Gauze - 農薬
Gauze - 中性子爆弾
Isolation - We Will Survive 
Isolation - Play Loud 
Isolation - あなたに 
Radical - Yellow Bad Life 
Radical - Psycho Dance 
Radical - Disorder 
Nursery Rhyme ちゅうとはんぱなうそ 
Nursery Rhyme Nursery Rhyme