TURBONEGRO – Never Is Forever

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"The album—a tribute to Blue Öyster Cult, as claimed by the band themselves—is an attempt to dissociate from the lo-fi aesthetics of the garage scene: "When the rest of the punk oriented world tried hard to be lo-fi and 'real', Turbonegro as usual went the opposite way, creating a miniature suburban deathpunk opera. Seldom have pop culture, darkness and desperation blended so well."

Four songs from the (He's a) Grunge Whore EP was included on the album. The track "Hush, Earthling" features dialogue sampled from the 1980 film Flash Gordon. The album's final song, "Oslo Bloodbath Pt. III: The Ballad of Gerda and Tore", is followed by six minutes of silence and three hidden tracks: bassist Bengt "Bingo" Calmeyer singing "Staten och kapitalet", a 1970s radical left-wing progressive rock tune by Blå Tåget turned into a hit song in Sweden in 1980 by punk rock band Ebba Grön; Evel Knievel performing a poem named "Why?"; and John Culliton Mahoney performing his song "The Ballad of Evel Knievel"."

- Wikipedia

A1 Letter From Your Momma
A2 Suburban Prince's Death Song
A3 Übermensch
A4 I Will Never Die
A5 No Beast So Fierce
A6 Destination: Hell
A7 Timebomb
A8 Pain In Der Arsch Pocket Full Of Cash
B1 Hush, Earthling
B2 Nihil Sleighride
B3 (He's A) Grungewhore
B4 Black Chrome
B5 Oslo Bloodbath Pt. II: I Don't Care
B6 Oslo Bloodbath Pt. III: The Ballad Of Gerda And Tore