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Splatter vinyl
TOXIC HOLOCAUST began kicking out the corrosive jams in basements and bedrooms over twenty years ago, building a punishing legacy of mutant thrash and filthy street punk that’s outlasted the heydays of the genres that spawned them. Founder Joel Grind, whose dedication to the one-man-band ethos gives the late Quorthon a run for his money, melts down the greatest punk metal crossover riff collection imaginable into nuclear ooze. With each successive release, Grind repurposes the most visceral strengths of speed, thrash, and punk through his own unique vision, making for new metal anthems that consistently reignite a circle-pitting feeding frenzy in the scene.  Initially released in 2003 via Nuclear War Now Prods and Witches Brew Records, Evil Never Dies was Grind’s first official full-length. Comments Grind on the Tankcrimes reissue, “It’s hard to believe I recorded Evil Never Dies twenty years ago. It simultaneously feels like yesterday and forever ago. At the time, there was minimal info on recording a DIY solo record at home. I just kinda learned as I went through trial and error. After all these years, I’m still happy with the way it turned out. No computers, no fixing…bumps and bruises and all.  Tankcrimes will reissue Evil Never Dies as a one-time, vinyl-only pressing limited to 2000 copies.  

Side Radiation
A1 Evil Never Dies
A2 War Is Hell
A3 Enemy Of Jesus
A4 Damned To Fire
A5 Exxxecutioner
A6 666
Side Fallout
B1 Summon The Beast
B2 Demise
B3 Warfare
B4 Dead To The World
B5 Fallout
B6 Atomik Destruktor