TOO SHORT – Life Is... Too Short

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"The most improved thing about this album over the last is Too $hort’s rap: not just his lyrics, but the cocky confident arrogance he displays from start to finish. It’s entirely justified by his ability to switch up his flow whether the beat is fast or slow, and the crisp diction of his delivery that makes every word both naughty and nice come through crystal clear. The naughty definitely includes the word “beeeitch,” and with “Life is… Too $hort” the rapper clearly made the word one of his trademarks. Still, this album is not overly obsessed with females and sex – it’s a well rounded balance of hip-hop game that may not have pleased Jive in crossover potential but kept his already legendary rep growing larger. “Life is… Too $hort” proves that no matter what, Shaw just don’t stop rappin’."

- Steve 'Flash' Juon,

Side AAA
A1 Life Is...Too Short 4:34
A2 Rhymes 4:17
A3 I Ain't Trippin' 6:41
A4 Nobody Does It Better 6:15
Side XXX
B1 Don't Fight The Feelin'
B2 CussWords 7:45
B3 City Of Dope 5:32
B4 Pimp The Ho