TNT – Hinterhalt 7"

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If you want to write a short biography about the Zurich punk band TNT you can't avoid mentioning the Dogbodies first. In 1977, alongside the Nasal Boys, they were the most active punk band in Zurich. The Dogbodies formed TNT in September '78. From the last formation Dogbodys there were: guitarist and songwriter Dani Graessle, bassist Andre Gross and drummer Gianni Luder. The 14-year-old singer Sara Schär replaced the last remaining founding member of the Dogbodys, the English-born frontman Ray Fairbrother. In March '79 Phil Rust replaced Gianni on drums.

Part of the Swiss-Punk-Single-Klub-Box. The Box was released over three years in three parts and includes 10 7“.

     Track List:

Mackie Messer
Leise, Mit Gefühl