THIN LIZZY – Renegade

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"Thin Lizzy released perhaps their most underrated and misunderstood album on Nov. 15, 1981. Renegade arrived at a time of great uncertainty for Thin Lizzy, due in part to several issues – ranging from the continued pressures to stay relevant (and financially solvent) amid changing musical times to band leader Phil Lynott's recent distractions with his first solo album, to simply maintaining a stable lineup.

On Renegade, Lynott and longtime drummer Brian Downey and guitarist Scott Gorham were complemented by guitarist Snowy White (back for his second album after 1980's Chinatown) and a session keyboardist-turned-official group member (and occasional co-songwriter) in Darren Wharton, but this was a pretty fluid situation. And, musically speaking, it resulted in an album filled with some of Thin Lizzy's most eclectic but fan-dividing tracks."


Angel Of Death
The Pressure Will Blow
Leave This Town
Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
No One Told Him
Mexican Blood
It's Getting Dangerous