SUN RA - Futuristic Sounds of

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'Though the band had no luck finding places to play, Tom Wilson came up with a recording session for them with Savoy Records. On October 10 they crossed the river to the Medallion Studio in Newark with a few musicians they added for the date... and they produced a record which could have easily represented their repertoire during an evening at a club there..... Despite a heavy title and a cover painting of a conga drum swirling like a tornado through a valley of piano keys against an orange sky, the record was plagued from the start. Tom Wilson's liner notes were filled with inaccuracies: Distribution was almost as poor as it was with the Saturn records, and there was no reviews for twenty-three years, when it was reissued in 1984 as We Are In The Future.'

- John Szwed

Of Sounds And Something Else
What's That?
Where Is Tomorrow?
The Beginning
China Gates
New Day
Tapestry From An Asteroid
Jet Flight
Looking Outward
Space Jazz Reverie