STRUNG OUT – Exile In Oblivion

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"Bottom Line: Strung Out has spent the last ten years being the oddball band that always wanted to fuse bright melodies with intricate riffs and a dash of aggression. As the rest of the musical world has finally come around, they are due to accept their place as one of the most undeniably unique and talented bands around, a group of musicians who have always marched to the beat of their own double-bass drum far before it was fashionable to do so. While the production and overall style of Exile In Oblivion might be too slick for the underground and too light for the diehard metalheads, this record should appeal to anyone with an open mind, an appreciation for quality musicianship and an ear for a great hook."

- Cory,

1. Analog
2. Blueprint Of The Fall
3. Katatonia
4. Her Name In Blood
5. Angeldust
6. Lucifermotorcade
7. Vampires
8. No Voice Of Mine
9. Anna Lee
10. Never Speak Again
11. Skeletondanse
12. Scarlet
13. Swan Dive
14. The Misanthropic Principle