STRUNG OUT – Blackhawks Over Los Angeles

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"Not a single song on here lags in energy or melody. The only drawback for me is that it's just barely weaker than Exile in Oblivion, but that shouldn't really be a judgment point for reviewing. Blackhawks Over Los Angeles shows that Strung Out is not on a downward slide, something that many other bands who've lasted for over a decade can't say. Strung Out can keep on rockin' for as long as they want. And it doesn't appear that they're ever going to start sucking, so barring a strange turn for the worse, it should be smooth sailing in Strung Out world from here until the end."

- Elliot, Scene Point Blank

Calling 4:19
Blackhawks Over Los Angeles 3:03
Party In The Hills 3:54
All The Nations 3:03
A War Called Home 3:20
Letter Home 3:47
Orchid 3:02
Dirty Little Secret 3:20
Downtown 4:08
The King Has Left The Building 3:34
Mission Statement 3:15
Diver 3:36