STREET DIAMONDS - Self Titled 7"

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Formed in January of 2020, just in time for, well, you know. They've been practicing in a derelict, illegal pot grow house in the heart of San Francisco, in the shadow of both the freeway overpass and the pandemic. Although the songs are pessimistic, it turns out they might not have been pessimistic enough. They didn't play any shows for the first year, and even then, the first "show" was a video stream from a bar in El Cerrito where they all wore face masks due to the pandemic. Since then, they've honed their songs to razor-sharp tightness and started playing live around the bay area when the plague allows.

The band’s music is informed by the sounds of bay area punk rock from the 80's and 90's. A veteran roster comprised of ex members of J Church, Bloodbath and Beyond, Shit Creek, Ghost Knife, Vena Cava, Cruz Radical, Painted Bird, Jack Acid, Bumblescrump, Skinhead Magnet, Half Empty, and The Gods Hate Kansas. Street Diamonds members, despite their relative youth, have toured enough to have traveled to the moon and back two and a half times, if all of their tours were laid end to end.