STOOGES, THE – Fun House

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"I had heard about Iggy’s widely despised band with a wonderful name. I asked the record store clerk for the album Fun House by The Stooges. He dismissively told me to look in the children’s section. I was highly insulted. There I was, a young kid with elitist taste in music being treated like a mere child!

It took months to locate The Stooges’ second album and it was sheer perfection. Side One: “Down on the Street”, “Loose”, “TV Eye” and “Dirt” – the perfect album side! (This was the exact order of the Stooges’ live set). I played it to death. My friends all hated it, so I further realized its’ greatness, playing it whenever I wanted to clear out the room. It never failed. This album stomped on what we knew as music at the time and brought it back down into the street where it belongs. The Stooges’ sound screamed of frustration, boredom and intolerance. It also put me in a groovy liquid trance."

- Madeline Bocaro,

Down On The Street 3:42
Loose 3:33
T.V. Eye 4:17
Dirt 7:00
1970 5:15
Fun House 7:46
L.A. Blues 4:55