SPITS - First Self Titled

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REISSUED!!! Originally released in 2000 on a shitty/tinny sounding compact disc, this legendary album is fully loaded with all the classics that sent sick-headed kids around the world on quest to throw bottles and bust noses at every SPITS show they could sneak into. From the skatepunk anthem "SK8," to the G.G. Allin-cum- Destroy All Monsters murder threat thump of "Die Die Die," to the thuggish declaration of "I H8 Pussies," this record has a top spot on Slovenly’s "Best Punk Records Ever" list for a reason! Poppunk pussies be damned, this is the essential, disaffected, synth-heavy, big-beat fueled weirdo party you've been denied for far too long. After numerous, hard to acquire bootleg/unauthorized versions, Slovenly has finally made it available for you to add to your growing collection of slimy Spits shingles. Remastered to boot.