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"In the summer of 1980 the band entered the Horizon Studios in Coventry to record their new album. Contrary to the the way of working with their debut, the band wasn’t recorded live, composing the music in the studio and doing overdubs. During the recording sessions several band members grew tired of Dammers’ dominance. To make matter worse, there were (the usual suspects in) drink and drugs problems, but also the relatively large number of followers of the fascist National Front amongst their fans, weighed heavy on the band. To top it off, Golding fell victim to a violent racist attack. Needless to say, but it didn’t enhance the mood in the studio.

And still, the result was special, unique and fantastic. The fact that all band members contributed to the album, each with their own preferences and backgrounds, ensured a highly versatile and rich album. So much different styles of music came along, ska, reggae, rockabilly, mariachi, muzak, lounge music, northern soul, calypso, jazz and more.

The album was released on October 4th, 1980, and was an instant success. It did cost the band some fans, but they gained some also. The band was lauded for their boldness and vision. The music, which at times seemed to ooze happiness, is oftentimes in contrast with the lyrical content, which is no party, at all. The common subjects have been added on with the overwhelming threat of nuclear war. Even in the songs that don’t explicitly deal with the end of the world as we know it, that sense of doom is palpable. A fitting soundtrack to the start of the 1980s."

- Erwin Barendregt, A Pop Life

Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) 3:39

Man At C & A 3:36

Hey, Little Rich Girl 3:35

Do Nothing 3:43

Pearl's Cafe 3:07

Sock It To 'Em J.B. 2:56

Stereotypes / Stereotypes Part 2 7:24

Holiday Fortnight 2:45

I Can't Stand It 4:01

International Jet Set 5:37

Enjoy Yourself (Reprise) 1:46

Braggin' & Tryin' Not To Lie 3:21

Rude Boys Outa Jail (Version) 4:04