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WWF Rematch At The Cow Palace (Aluta Continua)
4 Times A Day
Desperate Throat Lock
Bobby's Jackpot Jamboree
Dewey Decimal Stitchcore
Camp Chestnut
No Shadow Kick
The One With The Goat's Got An Orgy Up The Sleeve
Bitter (The Execution Of A Chump)
Let's Kill Fuckin' Everybody
Sweet Home Alabama
Raging Hate, Fear & Flower Power Violence
Climate Best
Urinal Cake
Drunkard Genaii
Daljeet's Detonation
Turnbuckle Treachery
Backpack Bonfire
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Musica De La Roca
Coil Of The Serpent Unwinds
Golden Egg Stance