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"The final full-length release by this unholy trio from California. For those who have no idea, Spazz were the undisputed OG's of west coast powerviolence in the 1990's. They took the sound pioneered by bands like Crossed Out and No Comment and added a unique blend of self-referential humor to create a hilarious but brutal genre.

While most Powerviolence is an amlagamation of slow moshy-parts mixed with blastbeat insanity, Spazz's final studio album forgoes a lot of the slow parts and gets straight to the killing.

The LP opens with Max Ward throwing down a fast 1-2 1-2 beat which is brought to an immense crecendo of feedback and drums. The lyrics on this are split pretty evenly amongst the three members, each who have their own vocal style. Chris has a nice hardcore shout while Max contributes with furious screaming. Dan, the guitar player sounds like a cross between Cookie monster having an orgasm and Fozzy Bear from the muppets on a Long-island Bender."

 - KenFuggit,

Zodiak 0:48
Snowcone Ribplate 0:27
Cool Guy 0:33
Dwarf Goober Militia 0:18
Let's Fucking Go!!! 1:26
Complete And Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop Punk (Extended Version) 0:28
Sword Of The Lord 0:42
A Legend In Your Own Mind 0:34
Street Jam To The Second Power 1:07
Hort 0:16
Black N Dekker Crusty Wrecker 0:17
Bobby Dee In The Hour Of Chaos 1:05
Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt 1:03
Not Even Phased 0:32
Campaign For Emo Destruction 0:42
Hardcore Before Mark McCoy Was Emo Semen 0:46
Sluta 0:28 0:33
Hoarder 0:45
Now 50% More Pants Shitting 1:25
Let The Beatings Commence 0:44
Chris Pooped At The Skatepark 1:08
Jeb For Ruler Of The (Formerly) Free World 1:16
Staayyyle 0:26
Crush Kill Destroy