SPACEMEN 3 – Recurring

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1990’s Recurring, the fourth and final studio album by Spacemen 3, is often considered the introduction of two brilliant solo projects (Spectrum and Spiritualized) rather than the work of a functioning band. While Spacemen 3’s departing statement surely reveals a deep divide within the S3 camp—each side of the LP was written by Sonic Boom and Jason Pierce separately and, unlike previous releases, the two do not play on each other’s songs—Recurring maintains a cohesive, dreamy feel with its chief sonic officers backed by fellow travelers Will Carruthers, Mark Refoy and Jon Mattock.  
Opening saga “Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)” marries ambient haze with narcotized indie rock, while “I Love You” manages to arrange a beautiful flute alongside a defiantly throbbing bass track. “Hypnotized,” a reimagined fuzz-pop hymn, would become the group’s first entry in the UK Singles Charts. Recurring lays bare the essence of Spacemen 3’s persistent sound, rooted in both aural expansion and phenomenal songwriting.  

Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here) 10:51
Just To See You Smile (Orchestral Mix) 3:19
I Love You 5:32
Set Me Free / I've Got The Key 5:11
Set Me Free (Reprise) 1:50
Why Couldn't I See 6:37
Just To See You Smile (Instrumental) 3:19
When Tomorrow Hits 4:26
Feel So Sad (Reprise) 2:46
Hypnotized 5:57
Sometimes 6:36
Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full Of Shit) 4:33
Billy Whizz / Blue1 7:33
Drive / Feel So Sad 5:34
Feelin' Just Fine (Alternative Mix) 4:30