SOUNDTRACK - Crow, The - Graeme Revell

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"...Graeme Revell is a rather under appreciated composer and he deserves more accolades (he provides the music for Hard Target after all); The Crow remains his masterpiece and personally I consider it one of the greatest music scores of all time.

Few film scores can make me tear up just listening to it (even without the visuals of the movie) but there is something about The Crow that has an ethereal quality with its haunting vocals and choral moments. The use of world music including chants just adds to the supernatural atmosphere. I wouldn’t even consider this an action movie score even though The Crow has plenty of action; this is more Gothic romance and horror just giving every scene more gravitas. The main theme is beautifully sad and it’s the score which really adds extra heart to the movie."


Side 1

1 Birth of the Legend
2 Resurrection
3 The Crow Descends
4 Remembrance
5 Rain Forever
6 Her Eyes... So Innocent
7 Tracking the Prey
8 Pain and Retribution

Side 2

1 Believe in Angels
2 Captive Child
3 Devil's Night
4 On Hallowed Ground 2
5 Inferno 5
6 Return to the Grave
7 Last Rites