SLAYER – Hell Awaits

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"To me, Slayer will always be Hell Awaits, more so than any other album of theirs. This is where they were at their most epic, and where they fulfilled my lust for long, epic songs that told dark tales in vivid detail. THIS is motherfucking Slayer in their motherfucking PRIME!

Like the other three of the Big Four Thrash bands, Slayer’s second full release was a major leap forward musically for the them. Their first release was good but suffered from a lack of musical maturity. Don’t get me wrong, Show No Mercy is absolutely worth your time, the song Crionics alone is worth the price of the whole album, but the album was definitely indicative of a band still trying to find their “real” sound. Well upon the release of Hell Awaits, Slayer showed they had arrived in their full glory."    

- Carlos,

Hell Awaits 6:12
Kill Again 4:52
At Dawn They Sleep 6:16
Praise Of Death 5:17
Necrophiliac 3:43
Crypts Of Eternity 6:37
Hardening Of The Arteries 3:57