SLAYER – Diabolus In Musica

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"...Yet, surprisingly, despite what its numerous detractors might say, Diabolus in Musica still rocks hard. Sure, it doesn't sound like Reign in Blood, but it stands as a welcome experiment for a band that has helped define extreme metal. Though Slayer incorporated some of the tropes of nu-metal into their sound, it was more a flirtation with what was considered "modern" in the late Nineties and a Slayerization of that, than it was any kind of full-fledged kowtowing to the trends. There is still more than enough "Slayer" in there for the record to feel dangerous.

Ironically, Slayer, a group that will be remembered for being consistent and steadfast, should be applauded for making a record as experimental as Diabolus in Musica. It came out during a time when heavy metal was going through a personality crisis, and Slayer took on that challenge and created their take on what was current. Sepultura did a similar thing with Roots a couple years earlier, and over two decades later that record has been reconsidered by many metal fans and almost universally embraced."

- Mike Hill,

Bitter Peace 4:32
Death's Head 3:29
Stain Of Mind 3:25
Overt Enemy 4:42
Perversions Of Pain 3:31
Love To Hate 3:06
Desire 4:19
In The Name Of God 3:38
Scrum 2:19
Screaming From The Sky 3:13
Point 4:12