SILVER JEWS – Early Times

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A collection of the early music of SILVER JEWS back in print for the first time in forever. Early Times contains all the tracks from the band’s Dime Map of the Reef 7-inch and The Arizona Record 12-inch, documenting the telepathic counter-intuition between DAVID BERMAN, STEPHEN MALKMUS and BOBBY NASTANOVICH, who went into such specific different directions later in life. “Trillion Story Walkup” aficionados and apologists know that there’s loads more from these muddy wells, enough so that Drag City might well get around to another dose, another couple sides of Silver Jews early times before too long.

Dime Map Of The Reef
A1 Canada 1:52
A2 The Walnut Falcon 2:20
A3 September 1999 1:33
A4 Svm F.T. Troops 5:15
A5 The Unchained Melody 1:37
The Arizona Record
A6 Secret Knowledge Of Back Roads 3:26
A7 I Love The Rights 4:36
B1 Jackson Nightz 1:41
B2 The War In Apartment 1812 2:00
B3 West S 3:00
B4 You Can't Trust It To Remain 0:40
B5 The Wild Palms 3:16
B6 Welcome To The House Of The Bats 2:08
B7 Bar Scene From Star Wars 2:58