SHRINKWRAP KILLERS - Stolen Electronics To Shove Up Your Ass 7"

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Down tuned garage thump meets the shut-in mentality on this wonderful two banger. THE SHRINKWRAP KILLER, alter-ego of GREG WILKINSON (BRAINOIL, DEATHGRAVE, Earhammer Studios), brings a unique vision to punk being influenced by the likes of Wall Of Voodoo, Devo, Ennio Morricone, Dick Dale and of course The Spits. Parties are for jerks. Stay home and get wrapped up in this one! But make sure to bolt down your TV. The 3rd of 5 in the Systemic Surgery series each hand numbered and limited to 200. Hand stamped labels on black vinyl housed in a custom die cut sleeve with a risograph print hand glued to the front. Classy.