SEX MESSIAH / EVIL / IMMORTAL DEATH - The Pact of Sex, Evil and Death Split

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Nuclear War Now! Productions is proud to bring together three underground Japanese metal extremists for The Pact of Sex, Evil and Death. A three-way split featuring SEX MESSIAH, EVIL and IMMORTAL DEATH, this record documents three of the most evil bands working today. Sex Messiah offers three tracks of insane bestial black metal with a sadistic recklessness that recalls “I.N.R.I.”-era Sarcofago. Frontwoman MOENOS' vocals are scathing and spectral, with two of the three tracks recorded live at NWN! Fest Vol. VI. Tokyo’s Evil follow with their unique bestial onslaught, mixing speed-obsessed ferocity with classic metal sensibilities. A standout band, Evil balances truly relentless bestial black metal against tasteful hard-rock riffing with aplomb, with pentatonic solos that bring to mind '70s Judas Priest as much as they do '80s South American black metal. Immortal Death finishes the split with twisted, necrotic death metal, once again courtesy of total maniac Moenos (Sex Messiah). With a raw production and pervasive sense of morbidity, Immortal Death mixes Atrax Morgue-style death ambience with crushing heaviness that solidifies this split as an essential document for fans of extreme music. The Pact of Sex, Evil and Death. is a worthy addition to the canon of classic metal compilations and is not to be missed. First pressing of 500 copies housed in gatefold jackets. Includes A4 double-sided inserts and A2 posters.