SATAN – Court In The Act

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"Ultimately, the greatest NWOBHM album of the movement always deserves to be noted, and as far as I’m concerned, that album is Court in the Act. A pretty tall claim to make, given the existence of bands like Iron Maiden, Venom, Diamond Head, Angel Witch; really at the very least probably a dozen others you’d want to list off. Satan was as good, if not outright better, than all of those bands though and the musical quality of this record reflects it. Court in the Act is an album that is equal parts full of dazzling, complicated harmonies and tearing, razor sharp riffing. It’s a record full of blistering yet innately musical solos, and never sacrifices the sense of physicality or onward momentum that drives most metal forward either. For 1983 it’s a ferociously contemporary record – an album that wasn’t afraid to throw in the odd thrash riff right as that movement was about to surge and take over the metal underground for much of the rest of the decade (of course, Satan wrote a huge number of these tunes back in like, 1981, which sort of underlines the fact that they were pretty ahead of the curve). It’s elegiac and strangely mournful in weaving its tales of backstabbing deceit and tragedy, and never sacrifices a raw, visceral quality either."

- blondiemacfilthy,

Into The Fire 1:44
Trial By Fire 4:18
Blades Of Steel 5:15
No Turning Back 4:00
Broken Treaties 4:40
Break Free 5:20
Hunt You Down 3:30
The Ritual 4:42
Dark Side Of Innocence 0:55
Alone In The Dock 6:22