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"Fronted by the duo of Matt Canino (ex-Latterman/Shorebirds) and Erica Freas, RVIVR's songs on this LP sound like a pretty logical progression from Latterman--they have ever-so-slightly more pop-rock sensibility, and RVIVR finds Canino finally singing alongside a female vocalist. Their voices play nicely off each other with Canino's abrasive shouts tempered by Freas' more upbeat vocals (see standout track "Edge of Living"). Freas' vocals stand on their own as well when she lends her snarl to such tracks as "Real Mean" and "Life and Death." And of course, if you're heard any of his previous vocal work, you'll recognize Canino immediately. His first lines during opener "Rain Down" are as intense and heartfelt as Latterman at their best.

Now, getting away from Latterman comparisons, this album stands out for a few other reasons. One is its cohesiveness; it's no concept album, but the songs progress effectively without all sounding the same, while the lyrics are varied enough to remain unpredictable without losing meaning. The topics tackled here are also noteworthy--Canino is one of punk's best when it comes to linking personal interactions with community concerns, and the addition of new band members to the mix only helps. The album's guitar work is also noteworthy, as some brief but memorable solos add an extra dimension to tracks such as "Grandma" and "Cold in Your Bones."

- racecargrin, punknews.org

Rain Down
Edge Of Living
Breathe Out
Real Mean
Cut The Cord
Life And Death
Animal Hands
Cold In Your Bones
Breathe In
Change On Me