RANDOMS – A B C D / Let's Get Rid Of New York 7"

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"We put together some tapes that Pat had recorded himself. The first thing he and KK had done was "ABCD". It was recorded in like, I don't know, a stairwell in Oklahoma State University dormitory. These guys were very young, just out of college. He recorded the other side, "Let's Get Rid Of New York" in different rooms of his Hollywood house on four track. I remember watching Pat cut the vocals in the kitchen, and having to go home and change clothes because I pissed in my pants from laughing so hard. Pat had a real talent for recording. I was blown away by the fact that he could not only play the drums and the guitar, and all the other stuff, he seemed to really understand the critical level of how studios worked, and how you shouldn't work them. Anybody can stick a microphone in front of a drum kit but it takes real expertise to make it sound like a real record. So the Randoms was the first Dangerhouse record. We pressed maybe 1500. They also only played one live job."  - Dave Brown interviewed on breakmyface.com

A B C D 4:04
Let's Get Rid Of New York 2:40