RAMONES, THE – Subterranean Jungle

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"Subterranean Jungle, thankfully, is great. The guitar sound on is matchlessly, poppily layered and aggressive, and Dee Dee's bass stands out almost as much as it did on Ramones. The drums are overblown; the snare is so strained, you might start to believe that Marky is playing with paint brushes. Producers Glen Kolotkin and Ritchie Cordell tried to capture their late '60s bubblegum heyday, with the drum signatures, jingle and Joey's always lovable croon. It works, but doesn't quite fit into the Punk genre."   

- TheDoodlyMan. punknews.org

Little Bit O' Soul 2:43
I Need Your Love 3:03
Outsider 2:10
What'd Ya Do? 2:24
Highest Trails Above 2:09
Somebody Like Me 2:34
Psycho Therapy 2:35
Time Has Come Today 4:25
My-My Kind Of A Girl 3:31
In The Park 2:34
Time Bomb 2:09
Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You 3:04