PURNELL, BRONTEZ - Lay Down Your Burden Boy 7"

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A springtime collaboration between BRONTEZ PURNELL of the YOUNGER LOVERS and JASON KENDIG of HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM, Lay Down Your Burden marks a perfect intersection between Brontez’s loveworn, D.I.Y. punk and Jason’s underground dance party devotionals. “He Never Knew What Kissed Him” is a vulnerable, achingly beautiful pop song. Brontez has a scoundrel’s croon, set here perfectly in a cradle of breezy, wistful Farfisa and skittering percussion. “When I See You Out” is a peak time Hi NRG banger, sweeping and assertive. Built atop a turbulent bassline and insistent vocals, it comes off like the indie grandson of Sylvester’s “Mighty Real.” The two songs combine to tell a story—side A for those quiet, hopeful moments getting ready to leave as the sun sets, side B the living sound of the heated dancefloor that drew you out.