PROPAGANDHI – Potemkin City Limits

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"Their first two albums were sarcastic, wry and saw the band using humour to tackle lofty subjects; but the departure of John Samson (and coincidentally a Bush presidency) took the band into even darker, angrier territory. With Potemkin City Limits, the band continues on this darker path, and has again managed to surpass even themselves to deliver one of the best albums of the year in this genre or any other.

One of the most immediately noticeable qualities of Potemkin City Limits is certainly its length; with previous albums barely reaching a half hour, a forty-plus minute Propagandhi album is quite remarkable, but the band finds plenty to do with the added space, with the songs taking their Venom-meets-Bad Religion to newly unearthed depths of dynamic and range. Even at four minutes, it's almost like the tracks can barely contain the sheer volume of ideas in them."


A Speculative Fiction
Fixed Frequencies
Fedallah's Hearse
Cut Into The Earth
Bringer Of Greater Things
Die Jugend Marschiert
Rock For Sustainable Capitalism
Impending Halfhead
Life At Disconnect
Name And Address Withheld
Superbowl Patriot XXXVI