PRIMUS – Frizzle Fry

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"When I finally sat down to listen to Frizzle Fry, I soon discovered that musically it was everything I had ever anticipated to hear from Primus. However, I’ll admit that from the beginning I never expected to enjoy it. Then, to my surprise, with each listen I slowly uncovered the unique awesomeness that for so long I had been told this eclectic band possessed. I just didn’t expect to find it within the lyrics.

Usually dark music like this, that seeps into your skin with forceful double bass drum pedaling, heavy bass and winding electric guitar riffs, doesn’t do it for me. It’s usually just too angry or aggressive for me to really enjoy. But somehow, Primus tapped into some uncharted territory (which subsequently made them famous) where they roam aimlessly through a futuristic desert landscape whilst mashing up funk, rock, metal and alternative music into one giant bundle of fun.

As I mentioned earlier, what really sold me on Primus were Claypool’s off-beat vocals and each song’s dark, clever, devious and rather depressing lyrics. While it may seem ignorant to some, I honestly never thought Primus’ songs, heavily ridden with raucous solos and incessant jamming, could possibly possess strong and intelligent interpretations of important world issues that many of us often choose to ignore in life such as murder, war, crime, hatred, abuse, human degradation, false hope, and human sacrifice. Maybe this was due to Claypool’s often echoing, megaphone altered vocals or his tendency to blurt things out fast and with distortion so that his lyrics were almost impossible to make out. However, upon deep analysis each song unfolded as a morbid story of lost opportunity, cruel punishment and human error."

- Allison Franks,

To Defy The Laws Of Tradition 6:41
Ground Hog’s Day 4:58
Too Many Puppies 3:57
Mr. Knowitall 3:51
Frizzle Fry 6:04
John The Fisherman 3:37
You Can’t Kill Michael Malloy 0:25
The Toys Go Winding Down 4:35
Pudding Time 4:08
Sathington Willoughby 0:24
Spegetti Western 5:43
Harold Of The Rocks 6:17
To Defy 0:37