PARDONER – Came Down Different

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"On their rambunctious and irreverent third LP Came Down Different, San Francisco punks Pardoner bring their noisy sound into focus. Hidden under their layers of feedback and distorted guitars are some damn fine pop songs. The same could be said about their debut record Uncontrollable Salvation and its criminally overlooked follow-up Playin’ on a Cloud, but this time around, the trio allow the melodies to peak through their signature wall of sound a bit more. With a knowing wink, Pardoner dare you to hit repeat."
- Torrey Proto,

A1 Donna Said
A2 I Wanna Get High To The Music
A3 Spike
A4 Broadway
A5 Tranquilizer
A6 Lucky Day
B7 Totally Evil System
B8 Bunny’s Taxi
B9 Hammer Factory
B10 Totally Evil Powers
B11 Came Down Different
B12 Fuck You!