OVERKILL – Taking Over

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"...After your first listen, the first half of this album will have you in anticipation of that savory epic at the end of the track list, but future revisits will remind you why the album as a whole is so solid- Overkill found their winning formula and grabbed it by the throat for those first eight songs. Not many bands can lay claim to the level of impact and consistency that Overkill can, but to reach the apex of "Taking Over" would surely be the dream for nearly every other thrash band in history. "Taking Over" is brutish at times, deceivingly playful at others, but it is unquestionably 4K snapshot of old school thrash metal circa 1987, and is perhaps the pinnacle of Bobby Ellsworth's animalistic vocal performances, although his character would never truly recede from the limelight."   

- AxlFuckingRose, metal-archives.com

Deny The Cross 4:43
Wrecking Crew 4:32
Fear His Name 5:24
Use Your Head 4:19
Fatal If Swallowed 6:45
Powersurge 4:36
In Union We Stand 4:26
Electro-Violence 3:45
Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues) 7:07