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"Before he was a Slumberland Records artist, Tony Molina was in OVENS. The band's output never got the attention it deserved, so the lot of it is now on a compilation called, unsurprisingly, OVENS. The Tank Crimes release is essential for anyone who loves lo-fi indie, or music that leap-frogs over another half-dozen genres.

There are 44 songs on this collection and the whole thing runs just under an hour. So I think you can guess that things go all over the place. There's wit and invention here, and plenty of riffs. "Same Shit Different Day" marries metal hooks with a Grandaddy-like sense of melody, while "Everything's the Same" and "Your Ego Will Glow" sound like Fountains of Wayne covering Van Dyke Parks. Molina's creativity is boundless here, with each cut rocketing around a few central ideas before it's over. "I Can't Hang", one of many highlights here, reminded me of bits from Bandwagonesque, and it's certainly not the only song here to sound like that. Still, OVENS is all over the place in a good way, with one track being metal-ish, another being a ballad, and another being like early GBV or something. Fans of any of the bands I've mentioned, or others like Dinosaur Jr. or They Might Be Giants (Molina sounds like that guy in that duo) should find lots and lots to get lost in here."

- review from website A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

A1 Fired From The Vogue Pt. 1
A2 Fired From The Vogue Pt. 2
A3 Same Shit, Different Day
A4 PCP Song
A5 Everthing's The Same
A6 Bad Scene
A7 Your Ego Will Grow
A8 Glazed Concept
A9 Movin' On
A10 Alone
A11 I Can't Hang
A12 The Legend Of Chris Gardini's Mustache
A13 Punch You In The Face
A14 Lame Sesh
B1 Castillejo Scene
B2 Drunk Shit
B3 Good Idea
B4 Bad Day
B5 Ovens Theme Pt. 1
B6 Losin' Touch
B7 Song For Friends
B8 Headache
B9 I'm A Creep
B10 Long Walk Home
B11 Ovens Theme Pt. 2
B12 Lame Song #224
B13 Sailin' Along
B14 Running In Place
C1 Abduction
C2 We Know We Suck
C3 Don't See The Point
C4 Down The Drain
C5 Beau Goes To The Hospital
C6 Brandon's Bleeding Head
C7 Misanthropist
C8 Puke When I'm Sad
C9 Wastin'
C10 Waste Of Time
D1 Cows
D2 When I Fell Off The Roof
D3 Nothing More To Say
D4 Look Inside My Brain
D5 St. Chominski's Dance
D6 Stuck