NOFX – Self/Entitled

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"NOFX’s 12th release is bursting with lowbrow humor, good old anti-authoritarianism, and trademark disrespectfulness. On Self Entitled, NOFX takes no risks whatsoever, but then, the band’s long career has been built on variations of a similar theme – albeit one that’s proven to be extremely entertaining for fans. If the idea of aging punks wallowing in the sewer and dissecting political theory with a smutty vernacular seems juvenile or repellent, then you’re clearly not NOFX’s target market. But for those who’ve stayed the course with the band, or drifted off since its ’90s heyday, you can be assured that all is well, and much the same."

- Craig Hayes, Pop Matters

72 Hookers
I Believe In Goddess
Ronnie & Mags
She Didn't Lose Her Baby
Secret Society
I, Fatty
Cell Out
Down With The Ship
My Sycophant Others
This Machine Is 4
I've Got One Jealous Again, Again
Xmas Has Been X'ed