NOFX – Eating Lamb

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"So what do you say about an album that most people seem to hate? Here's what I say, 'I LOVE it'."


A1 Hobophobic (Scared Of Bums) 0:49
A2 Philthy Phil Philanthropist 3:10
A3 Freedom Lika Shopping Cart 3:43
A4 Bleeding Heart Disease 3:36
A5 Hot Dog In A Hallway 2:51
A6 Release The Hostages 2:29
A7 Liza 2:55
B1 What's The Matter With Kids Today? 1:13
B2 Love Story 2:37
B3 The Black And White 3:36
B4 Whatever Didi Wants 3:02
B5 August 8th 1:35
B6 Drop The World 3:22