NIRVANA – MTV Unplugged In New York

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"...This is the Nirvana you hear on Unplugged: Not the voice of their generation but a strange holler from old, wet earth, a band who didn’t break with tradition but constellated it in new and intuitive ways. I liked the old blues song (“Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”) because it reminded me that Cobain’s pain wasn’t a new kind of pain and neither was mine, just a realm of feeling people had been passing through forever and one I would eventually pass through too. As a kid—fitful, agitated, outwardly miserable but possessed by a secret hope everything will suddenly change—you dream of something like this, the calm hand on your shoulder telling you not that you should feel better, but that it’s OK to feel bad, that people have felt bad forever, that sometimes feeling bad is enough."

- Mike Powell, Pitchfork

About A Girl 3:38
Come As You Are 4:14
Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 4:37
The Man Who Sold The World 4:21
Pennyroyal Tea 3:41
Dumb 2:53
Polly 3:16
On A Plain 3:45
Something In The Way 4:01
Plateau 3:39
Oh Me 3:26
Lake Of Fire 2:56
All Apologies 4:23
Where Did You Sleep Last Night 5:06