NINE INCH NAILS – Hesitation Marks

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"For the first Nine Inch Nails release since 2009, Trent Reznor has resorted to the most radical release strategy an independent-minded artist can employ in 2013: he’s re-signed to a major label. But unlike the themes of depression, madness, and addiction that defined his most enduring works, the skeletal Hesitation Marks chronicles a more existential crisis." - Pitchfork

The Eater Of Dreams 0:53
Copy Of A 5:23
Came Back Haunted 5:17
Find My Way 5:16
All Time Low 6:18
Disappointed 5:44
Everything 3:20
Satellite 5:03
Various Methods Of Escape 5:01
Running 4:08
I Would For You 4:33
In Two 5:32
While I'm Still Here 4:03
Black Noise 1:28