NEUTRALS - Rent / Your House 7"

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Neutrals are a trio from the San Francisco Bay Area, owing as much to the direct, tightly-wound edge of Wire-schooled post-punk as the proto-C86 melancholic jangle of bands like the Television Personalities. The Rent/Your House EP was their second vinyl release, after their 2019 debut LP Kebab Disco on Emotional Response Records. Originally released in April 2020 as a benefit for Border Angels & RAICES (keeping with the anti-fascist themes of the record & protesting US policies of caging immigrant children), this new 2023 repressing defends another vulnerable community currently under attack from fascism in the USA & elsewhere, serving as a benefit for the Transgender Law Center & Trans Lifeline. On this recording, Neutrals were Allan McNaughton (Giant Haystacks, Airfix Kits), Phil Benson (Terry Malts) & Phil Lantz (Airfix Kits, Cocktails).

Rent/Your House
Hitler’s In The Charts Again