NERF HERDER – American Cheese

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"...American Cheese is the album where Nerf Herder had truly found their feet, the superb opener, Welcome To My World, remains one of my favourite tracks by the band in all it’s unashamedly geeky glory. I’m not going to revisit every track on American Cheese, the dozen cuts on the original were geeky lovelorn punk rock that sounded like it was conceived and recorded in one of the band’s parent’s basements, one cluttered with sci-fi memorabilia, comics all the other things that have become synomous with geekery. Nerf Herder are geeky as hell and proud of it and that’s no bad thing. Right now geek is the mainstream thanks to the rise of Marvel, and to a lesser extent DC, movies that means that along with this reissue the geek have truly inherited the earth."  

- Phinky,

Welcome To My World
High Five Anxiety
New Wave Girl
Mr. Spock
Rock City News
Nervous Breakdown
Jenna Bush Army
Defending The Faith
New Jersey Girl