NECROT – Blood Offerings

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"...While I consider myself an ardent fan of old-school death metal, after years of reviewing, it has grown ever more difficult to get excited about the seemingly endless stream of old-school-styled death metal bands that keep cropping up in my inbox. Necrot, however, has hit upon the tried-and-true formula for making me give a shit: RIFFS. If Blood Offerings can get a rise out of a jaded old bastard like me, it’s a fair bet it’ll do the trick for you, too."

- Jeremy Morse,

A1 The Blade 5:57
A2 Rather Be Dead 4:42
A3 Shadows And Light 3:54
A4 Blood Offerings 5:34
B1 Empty Hands 4:22
B2 Beneath 5:01
B3 Breathing Machine 4:57
B4 Layers Of Darkness 5:28