NAPALM DEATH – Enemy Of The Music Business

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"...Moreover, this is just such an excruciatingly angry album; the overall theme of corporate hatred comes through very clearly. Greenway sounds about ready to murder someone on tracks like 'Thanks For Nothing', and the other musicians are right behind him in aggression. This is a good summation of the album: while it's not saying anything new, it's saying those typical things in a remarkably intense and effective manner. Recommended for death/grind fans and Napalm Death devotees in particular."

- Noktorn,

Taste The Poison 1:49
Next On The List 3:36
Constitutional Hell 2:36
Vermin 2:17
Volume Of Neglect 3:20
Thanks For Nothing 2:44
Can't Play, Won't Pay 3:25
Blunt Against The Cutting Edge 3:03
Cure For The Common Complaint 2:43
Necessary Evil 2:56
C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Part 2 2:18
Mechanics Of Deceit 3:21
(The Public Get) What The Public Doesn't Want 3:14
Fracture In The Equation 3:46
(silence) 6:08
Untitled 4:56